Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Kids Are Alright at Black Maria Gallery

I am showing with "The Kids Are Alright" showcase again, 
this time at the Black Maria Gallery.
The show starts on Saturday July 18th at 7:30P.M.

We were asked to make two black and white pieces 
which I thought could be a fun limitation with the paper cuts.
My two pieces can go together or stand alone.
The one on the left is called "Happy Campers."
The one on the right is called "Not So Happy Campers."
I found it odd how hard it was to find enough grey paper.
I guess there just isn't quite a demand.

I always think it's fun to see artist sketches. 
So in the assumption you do too, i'll show you my sketch.

P.S. My sketches aren't always this crude. Or small.
I just wanted to show it because after I was done 
I thought it was crazy that I was working with so little. 

1 comment:

Michelina said...

I love your work, and I love that you showed your sketches. Maybe my favorite stuff I've seen yet!