Monday, October 5, 2009

The Good 100

I got the amazing privilege to work at Good Magazine
for a few days cutting paper and meeting some really cool people.
It was a great new space with a good vibe and a ton of paper.
We were making 100 different paper sculptures
for 100 different good world issues/solutions.
There was about 25 of us just cutting and gluing to our hearts content.
I did about a dozen said sculptures.
Some of the illustrations on the cover are also
spots for the articles in the inside.
My contribution to the cover? The carrot by my thumb.
Here are the illustrations I did on the inside.

Urban Sidewalks
White Washing
Open Source
Sports after Katrina
Meat in Bulk

It's funny to see them in the magazine because they are so small.
The steak here is actually like 14 inches long and
the football helmet is probably a foot tall.
It reminds me of Aladdin when the genie says
"Infinite cosmic power. Itty bitty living space."
I guess I'm kinda glad my paper cuts don't have infinte cosmic power.
That would be a lot of pressure.
I do think that these turned out pretty nice.

It was another awesome job with Good Magazine.
Thanks to Brian Rea and Atley Kasky for the great Art Direction.


Artfulife said...

Looks like you had an awesome time.

jared said...

Yeah, it was pretty awesome. I wish I could have worked on it longer.

Shannon said...
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Shannon said...

That looks so fun and they all photographed really well! what an amazing client to have!

ching said...

so fun! saw you in that picture cutting the carrot with that red-orange paper!!