Monday, October 19, 2009

WIRED Magazine

I got the amazing opportunity to
illustrate for the new WIRED Magazine.

I've been a fan of Tim and Eric since Tom Goes To The Mayor,
so it was perfect when the Art Director called
and told me about the job and that I had to watch
all the episodes and go crazy with the illustration.
I had to do one full page title, an itty bitty illustration
(itty bitty being AD lingo), and a drop cap.
I sent in one sketch, with all the elements that I
could fit from the show. There was tons more stuff
I could have put in this illustration.
Then I cut it. Dimensional things got worked out but everything
stayed from the sketch. I'm proud of how the type looks
and all the details turned out pretty cool.

For the drop caps, I figured it would be easier
for me to just start cutting.
These are the sketches/finishes of the letter I:

They chose the furry one in a puddle of blood at the bottom.
I like how they all look laid out together.
As for the itty bitty illustration:
It was a pretty amazing job and it looks nice
in the magazine next to the picture of Eric.

Thanks to Maili Holiman for the awesome job!


Katie said...

This looks superb. Love it, hon.

Owen said...

Awesome Illustration Great Job. Seriously, it's awesomely illustrated.

Brynn Malek said...

so amazing, i love it.
but, wheres my chippy??

jared said...

Thanks you so much.
Chippy is on the bottom right, below the tennis racket.

ching said...

really nice! great work!

Mark Fullerton_PixelBoyStudio said...

Awesome work!!

Jesse Fillingham said...

Oh man i saw this in Wired and was blown away, great job Jared. Really awesome work.

Shannon said...

rad! I love that type, and yes, the hairy letter is my fave too.

Adaiha said...

This is so cool!