Sunday, November 22, 2009

BUST Magazine

I had the awesome opportunity of working for Bust Magazine.
The article is about DIY-ing the major events of your life.
So I just had to work marriage, childbirth, and death into
one illustration. No big deal. Skulls, babies, and wedding veils
are like the perfect illustration ingredients.

I thought that all three events have invitations.
I wanted to make it look like invitations that ripped away
showing the other invitations for the other events.
Kinda confusing but I had a vision
Here's my sketch.
I put in the colors so the AD would know what I was thinking.
I like seeing how close the finish can be to the
sketch and this one is pretty close.
I think the only thing I changed was her lipstick.

I couldn't be more happy with the finish.
The torn paper looks good (I was hesitant), the shadows turned out
nice, and best of all, the articles message gets across with one image.
They did a hell of a job with the spread too.

The titles and the colors from the illustration
all working together look pretty awesome.
I also got the honor of being on the contributor page.
I had to take a picture for it so I rolled out of bed and took one:

It was a fun fun fun job.
Much thanks to the amazing AD Laurie Henzel.


Katie said...

Amazing!!! Looks great!

roy said...

Gramy & Gramps enjoyed reading your creative process. Results were great. We love it!!!!!!!!!

Shannon said...

you are awesome!

jared said...

Thanks! It's nice when awesome people think I'm awesome.

ching said...

haha! love your hat! can I borrow it? nice illustration!

jared said...

I'm sorry Ching. My pipe caught the hat on fire seconds after this picture was taken. Lesson learned.