Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Poketo Wallet

Here's the big news I was talking about before.
I have the amazing privilege of being part of Poketo's Papercut Series.
They asked four different artist, who work with cut paper, to make
wallet designs for them.
This is the outside of the wallet:
And here is the wallet. It comes with a button.
I can't be more proud to work Poketo.
I think the wallet turned out looking pretty amazing.
I hope you do to. Go forth and buy.

I also did a fun little interview with them about my process and
life and such. I made some exclusive paper cuts that go with the
answers. My favorite to do was this recreation of a wonderful
photograph by the uber-talented Ryan McGinley.
Go forth and read.

P.S. I have a funny story about this wallet. I needed a wallet really bad so I tried to win one over here but to no avail. So I told myself, "Well if I can't win a wallet and I can't afford one, maybe I'll send in my work and they'll make one with my work on it." Ah, arrogant pipe dreams. In the meantime, I vented about which SPACETIME wallet I wanted here on zee blog. Well my wife bought it, unbeknownst to me. So then I get a package in the mail a few weeks later and there was the wallet. Confused, I go to email my wife at work, to see what the deal is, and there in my inbox is an email from Poketo asking if I would like to design a wallet. I was stunned at the timing of it. All the stars definitely aligned for this one.


poketo said...

Jared, I love this story. I didn't even know about it. So glad to have you on board amongst our Poketo family!

orbie said...

i love your word so much :D
i fell in love with your paper cut since i saw the firts one !
bravo :) very inspiring !

anyway, i'm gonna have the nicer wallet of the gaspe coast eheh

●• Thereza said...

Hi Jared, i think your wallet is the most beautiful and such a funny story behind it!!

thanks for your sweet comment over on my blog, i'm also proud to be in the same series as you :)
lovely, lovely work!

jared said...

orbie - Thank you so much. I'm glad you like it.

Thereza - No problem. =) If we get enough of them we should try to trade.

Wanda said...

I bought two. I'm a Jared Schorr junkie :-)

jared said...

haha Uh oh we need some kind of methadone for you Wanda.

jared said...

Thanks though. It puts a smile on my face.

Laurel said...

where is a pic of the wallet you wanted originally?

jared said...

Laurel - Right here.

Erin said...

My wallet arrived a couple of days ago... I love using it! I think about you all every time it comes out (probably more often than it should... ha!). I also love telling people about it when they ask. :)

jared said...

Thank you so much. I'm so happy with how they turned out. You're thinking about us enough now that you guys should probably just come move in with us. haha I bet Katie would love that.