Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wallpaper Wednesday - Wallpaper of Merit

Thanks to everyone who offered suggestions on merit
badges. There was some really good suggestions but I
narrowed it down to five. They were fun to make!
Here's the five winners and what they suggested:
Kathy - The Willpower to Eat Just One Chip
Erin - Everything but the Kitchen Sink
Jessica - Following your Dream Job
Ruthie - First Kiss
Sheli - Found Dog
I won't tell you what they all are but I made three
merit badges for artists who deserve them.
Will Bryant - Being Rad and Still Nice
Jessica Hische - Raising The Bar
Meg Hunt - Fire In The Belly

I've also left one badge open so you can
decorate it however you would like.


jared said...

Also Kathy, you should email me about getting your prize. Thanks.

Will_Bryant said...

jared, you are too awesome!!!!

Kathy! said...

Oh wow, I'm so surprised and happy! Thank you, I'm emailing you right now :D

Kathy! said...

Hello again, did my email make its way to you?