Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wednesday Wallpaper - Plus One

This weeks wallpaper's are an announcement of sorts.
Happy Elephant Family
Plus One
I'm going to have another baby!!
I only tell you cause I started to show.
I kid, I kid. But we are super excited about it.
Plus we are that much closer to having that super
hero crime fighting family we've always wanted.
(Think more Incredibles, Less Kick Ass.)
Here is a picture of an elephant in the womb done
for National Geographic. So amazing!!


ruthie said...


Artfulife said...

Thats awesome! Congratulations :)

Katie said...

These are both adorable and having me smiling. I wish I had an i-something to use the little wallpaper on. Instead I just have the big wallpaper. It'll do. :)

TwoEyedCyclops said...

Aahhh cooool! Congratulations!
Elephants and paper cut outs are two of my favorite things. I used your Fight the Good Fight wallpaper while I was working on my thesis, but now I need elephants.

Erin said...

Love! :)
I hope these are on new baby's wall someday... what a beautiful way to capture the emotion and pregnancy! :) Congrats!

Christan = ) said...

Those are awesome and such a unique way to give an announcement!
Love the work you do Jared and congrats to you both!


THANK YOU SOO MUCH EVERYONE!!! Your words mean soo much to me.

Kathy! said...

Great pictures and great news. Congratulations!

SKIZO said...

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