Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Robyn/ Kelis - All Hearts Tour Poster

I've always wanted to do concert posters.
I got this Emek poster for my 16th birthday and
I remember just sitting there running my fingers
across all of the beautiful silkscreened ink.
Some people have Hustler, others have silkscreen.

So I jumped at the opportunity to create a poster
for Robyn and Kelis' All Hearts Tour.
Here's the sketch just to prove my finish isn't
always as close to the original sketch.
Sometimes it's just an idea.
These were rips that would reveal the artist's
name underneath in different type.
I think the type turned out great.
It's very eighties but fits with
both women's current aesthetic.
I also created a black version.
The poster got killed but it was still fun to
work on. Thanks to AD Mary and Robyn for the
great opportunity.

Here is a video of Robyn on Letterman a
few nights ago doing Dancing On My Own.
Sweet song!!


Katie said...

Sucks that this got killed because it really is awesome. Fantastic idea and execution.

Patrick Hruby said...

So good Jared! I know you are way to diplomatic to say this, but they kick the other poster's ass. It was nice to see you at the show.


Thanks Patrick. =) I like em too.
Nice seeing you at the show as well.
Those dances were pretty easy. =)