Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wednesday Wallpaper - Moody Mob

This weeks wallpaper is a group of characters
I never ended up using for one reason or another.
Most of them are good ideas but just didn't work but
most of the time it was cause none of them could smile.
Here is a key showing everyones name and description.
A. Sir Render - A white flag that is also a knight.
B. Pearl & The Deuce - A eraser/pencil team.
C. Lil' Smokey - Smoke that smokes that smokes etc.
D. Leaky Donut - Didn't work cause it's gross.
E. Tiny Avalanche - All it takes is one rock.
F. Scat Cat - Also could be called "Shitty Kitty"
G. Puddles - Lacks character.
H. Dead Pacman Ghost - Copyright/ smell issues.
I. Flicka the Big Red Brick - Too isometric.
J. Doug - A well dressed sea urchin.
K. Sad Sack - People are repelled by hobo culture.
The iPhone Wallpaper is of Tribble and Trouble.
They were just too difficult to work with.


Paula Pindroh said...


Katie said...

Love love love them. Love the key too. Excellente.

Kendra Melton said...

you're too witty and fun for me to take. all their names had me rolling and slapping my knee. Yay Laughter! :]

Marie-Pierre said...

Ho wow! I totally see my 3 years old daughter in this!! lol