Wednesday, January 26, 2011

GOOD Magazine - Smart Meters

I did some illustrations for the 022 issue
of GOOD Magazine. The article is on smart
electric meters that read and analyze
your electricity use in real time.
I went kinda crazy with sketches cause they
were really really ridiculously fun to draw.
They liked them so much, they asked that I
draw/cut three of them to keep their character.
I loved doing all three and I could have done
way more of these. They ended up only running
the last one with the multiple meters but I think
it looks super cool in the magazine.
Thanks to Atley for the great art direction.
He's a good dude and a snappy dresser.


Daniel Woodling said...

Adorable! Wish there was more.

Philip A. Buck said...

as the o'l kids would say, that's boss!

Owen said...

These came out awesome, the 21 power-meter one reminds me fondly of malfunctioning eddie.

Tim Furey said...