Thursday, May 19, 2011

Paint The Town 2011

I have the great opportunity to be a part of
in Las Vegas. It is a fundraiser for the
Andre Agassi Foundation for Education.
The theme is "Vegas, My Love" so I did some pieces
of classic Vegas signs that have been torn down.
I also did a piece of the Luxor.
This light was the first thing I saw of Vegas from
waaay far away and I always thought it was cool.
I don't know if you can bid on them if you aren't
actually there but you can visit the site.
If you really like any of the pieces, there
is a phone number you can try. It's for a good cause.
Those people who live in or around Vegas, come
out Saturday night and have a good time.


Abigail Shaw said...

The Stardust is my favorite! They look great.

Daniel Woodling said...

The last one is great! I love the way the neon contrasts with the dark values.

neiko said...

whoa! you are so awesome! i do papercraft illustration too! :)

Anonymous said...

Such amazing work!