Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I've always wanted to have a contest and what
better time to have one than now.

There is a hidden link on my new site.
It shouldn't be hard to find but click around.
Find it and email what is there back to me.
You will then be entered to win this:
There is also a second way to be entered in the contest.
You will get an additional entry if you retweet the following:
RT @JaredSchorr Come join the contest! http://bit.ly/mQsoZP

In fact the more people who join the contest,
the more paper cut prizes will be given away.
The contest will end on Friday at noon Pacific.
Good Luck!!


Martina y Golafre said...

Jared! and for the FB´s people??? I don´t have Twitter :-(

Martina y Golafre said...

I got it!!! I´have just sent you an e-mail :-))))))

John Vincent said...

"Aww c'mon, lemme just haaaave some"-Mitch Hedberg

Joshua Zaitz said...

I found it. I'll be emailing you now.

Love your work by the way. My family commissioned three of your pieces for me for my bday last year!

Ornamenta said...

Your work is amazing!
Would love to see a whole book with your art, it reminds me of Piven's art, the Israeli artist...


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