Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Washington Post - Local Living

I had the awesome privilege of illustrating
the cover of the Washington Post's Local Living.
It is their Back To School edition. I was asked to create
the words "back to school" with school supplies.
I also illustrated a stack of books for the table of contents...
And the section headers:
I thought it was going to be a big challenge to try and integrate
all of the back to school supplies but once I made a list of
everything I could draw, it was smooth sailing.

Thanks to Tippi Thole for the art direction
and amazing suggestions!


Patrick Hruby said...

So great!

Grace said...

Congrats Jared! This looks so cool! I love the back to school theme and especially how all the school supplies form the letters.

Unknown said...

As a teacher...I love this so!


Thanks everybody! It's also good to know a teacher has my back too.