Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Here is a piece I did for the Pokemon Battle Royale
151 different artists representing 151 different Pokemon.
Each piece is $40 each. It opens on Friday, April 20th.
It's going to be a very fun show.


Anonymous said...

Your work is so freaking charming!!! I loved seeing your piece in person at Gallery Nucleus (Jim Hensonshow)and scrolling through your work just made me so happy. You have such a great color sense and your playful design is refreshing. I love artists that make it look effortless and don't take themselves to seriously. I'm also super jealous of your website and it's fun design. I only wish stuff animated. It seems like it really wants to animate :) Take Care.


Thank you soo much Megan! That really means a lot to me because I LOVE your work as well. I stared at that Mad Eye Moody piece you did forever. It's soo amazing. I love that we work in the same medium but i have no idea how you it!! So magical.
I'm glad you like the site. I really wanted it to reflect the paper cuts 100%. To make it feel like it is ALL handmade.
Animation is definitely the next step. I see yours and my mind explodes at the possibilities.They are so great Megan!! Well maybe we'll run into each other at Nucleus some time. =) Thanks again for the kind words. They made my day!!

Chingyi said...

your work is so beautiful! I was lucky to see your Muppets piece in Gallery Nucleus in person, you are such an inspiration! I fell in love with your creation and style immediately.
Being a big fan of pokemon myself, I have to say this Zapdos definitely stands out the most <3