Monday, June 25, 2012

Mickey's Deep Sea Dive

I never got around to posting the other piece from
Wonderground Gallery so here it is.
This was a lot of fun to make. I love doing the
kind of work were there are a lot of little parts but
they don't need to fit together perfectly. I had most of it
planned but I made lots of new coral and fish to fill it out.
I wanted to hide a lot of Mickey heads down in the sea life.
so that it could be a piece where you could look at it 
everyday but all of a sudden find new things.

Also the Wonderground opening in Downtown Disney
was amazing. So many great people came out to the signing
and I got to meet some amazing people I have wanted to
meet for awhile (I'm looking at you Jerrod and Michelle.)
At the gallery they also have an exclusive print of the 
Wall-E piece as well as a Wall-E sketchbook!
Super cool and only at the gallery.
The show will be up for about 6 months so swing by if you
are going to Disneyland Anaheim. It is an amazing space.

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