Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Edutopia - How To Thank A Teacher

I had the great opportunity to create a 
 third guide for Edutopia this year.
This one is about a great subject:
How To Thank ATeacher!
Just in time for the holidays!
As it was with the other guides, I did the 
border, cover, and spots on the inside. 
I even cut that Edutopia logo up on top! 
This guide has tons of useful information about 
gift giving and ways of showing appreciation for
the remarkable people that are teachers.
I wasn't sure about my idea of the apple peel 
looking like it said "thank you" but I think it 
turned out pretty nice. Here are a few other spots.
 There were even a couple that didn't make the cut.
No pun intended. 
An appreciation sticker and the ugliest sweater ever!
These guides have been really fun to illustrate.
It's everything I love to draw and an amazing client.
You can get the whole guide here at their site where
you can get the other two guides I did as well. 
I feel like me and Edutopia are a match made in heaven.  

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