Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wednesday Wallpaper - Do Good

This one took a while to make but I think it's my favorite so far.
There is a lot going on, but hopefully it will be on your desktop
long enough to find new things every time you go to the computer.
So most weeks I show a sketch or an idea but today I'll show you my
inspiration. When I saw this pattern by internet friend Andy J. Miller
I was struck but it, and immediately put it as my own wallpaper.
It's been on my computer for almost three weeks and I still
like looking at it and finding new things. So that is what I
wanted to tray and accomplish as well. A wallpaper that is
fun and that you can explore, which is kind of a foreign concept
in regards to desktop wallpaper. We'll see if it works for you.
For more of Andy's work check it out here. So amazing.

Bonus: Behind The Scenes
This is the back of the piece. I thought it was pretty in its own way.
Also kind of crazy. Like a really uncomfortable quilt.


Katie said...

This looks amazing and totally worth staying up late late late for. :)

Patrick Hruby said...

I can't keep up! I have to change my wallpaper every time you come up with something else amazing!

Kendra Melton said...

this is intense, and amazing! awesome stuff!

jared said...

Thank you so much.
Patrick - I promise there will be a bad one here in the future. = )

mrYen said...

This is amazing! Just found your work through Brown Paper Bag. Great style and amazing skill!

jared said...

Thank you so much. You've got some amazing skills yourself.