Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekend Wallpaper - Hide and Seek

Thanks to everyone who came out for the
amazing show at Gallery Nucleus. It was crazy!
There were lots of amazing people there in
costumes and so wonderfully curious art.
The March Hare piece is still on sale here.

Here's some wallpapers to finish off your weekend.
Click to make bigger:
iPhone Wallpapers:

Have a good one!


INGE said...

now i want an iphone!

orbie said...

HAN !!!

(like INGE)

ahaha i love the first !! i'ts now my computer wallpaper
i love the color and the face of the characters eheh

keep on the good work, wow
you give me taste (i dont know if this french expression is translatable ahah) everyday to begin to cut paper eheh

jared said...

I'm glad my work compels you to buy technology. hehe It is a great compliment to me.
Aww thanks Orbie!
You should try out cut paper. I think your style would work well with it.

Saejean Oh said...

I love that first wallpaper, so awesome. Your blog makes me so happy :)

jared said...

Thanks Jeany! It's weird, that one looks like its popping out cause of the colors. It makes me happy that it makes you happy. =)

Jennifer DeDonato said...

Oh, wow I love the colors!