Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Wednesday Wallpaper - Flora

My favorite part about working on this show
is trying to cut different types of plants.
I've been trying to keep it simple yet interesting.
Here's a small selection of Super Cool Flora.
I know you can pick any part of the above wallpaper
and put it on you iPhone, but this is my cut:
Have a good one!


Katie said...

These look so great all lined up. Very botanical. :)

Emma Cowley said...

A perfect blend of observation, colour, texture and pattern. This totally floats my boat!

artilue said...

You should so make a children s book with your cutouts! Or even a book for adults or teens....maybe a cookbook! It is so limitless. =)

charismagic said...

Your work is incredible!

jared said...

Emma - Thanks. Speaking of boats, that's what I'm cutting RIGHT now.

Artilue - That is my new years resolution. I'm trying my hardest to get the ball rolling. A cookbook would be fun. I was trying to find a cookbook for toddlers and it was hard to find.

Charismagic - Aww... shucks. Thanks. = )

artilue said...

I've seen one cookbook for toddlers but it was from the 50's. So you'd have the market to yourself! =)I'd go with self publish route. But that is just my opinion =)

Katie said...

Jared, the boat piece on your twitter is freakingamazing!

Zom G. said...

About time my desktop realized it was summer. The kale is reaching pre-historic proportions out there, the least my mac can do is green up a little. My comp thanks you from the bottom of its little apple.
{Beautiful, thank you!

Alexis said...

this is so satisfying to look at it makes me want to scream!... but with joy.