Monday, August 20, 2012

Edutopia - Back To School Supplies

This is a very cool project that you can help out with.
Edutopia will give money to school teachers for school
supplies if they get enough "likes" for their  Facebook page.
You can also win a really great $250 gift card. WIN- WIN!
I created some back to school items for the event.
 I had a super fun limited palette to work with.
I really like working within those limits. It's a nice challenge.
I composed the header above but also gave them each item
individually so they could use them for other things.
Pretty awesome!!
So please help them out by liking their page.
Pass it on and help lots of teachers along the way.
The more "Likes", the more money they give.
It all ends August 24th. 

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This came out great! That palette is really appealing and super effective in tying it all together.