Friday, August 17, 2012

Fwends Forever

This is going to be awesome!
I made a piece for the new show at Gallery Nucleus
and the subject is a favorite of mine (and everyone else's.)
It was hard to decide what to narrow it down to but
I am super excited about what I came up with.
 What I like about the show is the amount of unhighlighted detail.
They put a lot of work into the entirety of the Land of Ooo.
So I wanted to do a piece that looked really simple but
was actually more complex. So I made the piece two-sided. 
Here is the back of the piece.  
 It looks like it is just the backside of the paper but
it's actually a whole other piece, waving snail and all.
Then I got a floating frame for it to all sit in.
Everything was really fun to make but
I think my favorite part of the piece is Finn's backpack. 
So go out tomorrow to Gallery Nucleus for the opening.
There will be lots of people from the show there as well
as well as a lot of amazing art.It's always a good time at Nucleus.

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Tanya González said...

i love adventure time!!! really nice work :)