Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Once Upon A Marigold

Last year I got to work on the covers for
reissues of the Marigold series by Jean Ferris.
They are wonderful fairy tale/ fantasy books for
pre-teens with lots of great characters and details.
For the cover, they wanted those details to
interact with the title of the book. I drew elements as
I read the book. Here was the sketch I  
came up with as I read the book.
They liked the dogs but wanted me to show more castle. 
I went back to the drawing board and refined it.
I tightened up a few elements and went to finish.
Here are a few details: 

And here it is in book form. I love it!

The book is available here and at you local book seller. 
I'm really happy with how it came out. 
Especially with how it works alongside
the other two. But i'll show you those later.
Thanks to Elizabeth Tardiff for the absolutely 
wonderful art direction!


Daphne Caldwell said...

How beautiful! I would really like to know if you would be willing to give tips on how to get this clean of an aesthetic? I am trying to learn to experiment with 3d cut paper effect for a magazine article I have to design for class and wondered if you had some pointers on how to keep such good detail once you cut out the sketches?

Thank you and keep up the wonderful work! I hope to be like you one day!


Thank you soo much for the kind words!!
It may not be much, but I would love to give as many tips as I can.

I do a sketch, however detailed I want, and then I trace it with tracing paper. Then I can trace it (backwards) onto whatever colored paper I want to use. All the little tiny detail is just practice and patience. Don't be afraid to cut something over again. For depth I use double sided foam tape to get a little bit of shadow. And I try to keep everything as clean as possible, so the finished piece doesn't look dirty. =)

I hope that helps a little bit.