Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Twice Upon A Marigold

As I was doing Once Upon A Marigold
I was also designing and cutting the other two.
Twice Upon A Marigold is just as fun as
the first with a lot charm and great detail.
The first sketch I had doesn't work for obvious reasons.
But I went back and made the title more prominent.
 It was getting closer. 
I just needed to switch some elements around
We were happy with this sketch so I started to cut it.
I always tweak little things here and there
while i'm cutting so I can get the composition I want.
I like it but some of the colors needed to be changed
and a few letters were hard to read.
So I fixed those. Here a few details:
I like how the water looks going to the back of the book.
It's a nice little touch that I wanted on all three covers. 
I really like how the colors on this one turned out
and I think it goes really well with the first book as well.
The book is available here and at your local bookseller.
You can glimpse an image of the third Marigold
cover on the back of Twice. That book comes April 16th.
I'll tell you about it then. Thanks again to 
Elizabeth Tardiff for the amazing art direction!

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